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CRN Registration Training
7 Advantages of Informative CAMMAR CRN Registration Training
Training is Fun, Necessary, and Important A few weeks ago CAMMAR Corporation had...
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boiler CRN registration
Hidden Waste Heat Boilers Needing CRN Registration
Waste heat boilers needing CRN registration can be hidden.  When most people think...
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CRN Number Cost
How to Reduce CRN Number Cost?
The biggest CRN number cost might surprise you.  Marketing and operation delays,...
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Custom Flange - Cammar Corporation CRN Design
Pressure Vessel, and Flange CRN Registration Issues
So, your pressure vessels all have proper CRN registration, you say?  Do the vessel...
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NDA Considerations for CRN Number Acquisition- Cammar Corporation
5 Essential Confidentiality, NDA and CRN Registration Considerations to Help You
Several issues routinely arise with improperly proposed non-disclosure agreements...
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CRN Registration
Top CRN Registration Changes in 2022 to be Aware Of – Updated
The Top CRN Registration Changes following notes enlarge upon CAMMAR’s article from...
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CRN Registration Changes in 2022
Top CRN Registration Changes in 2022 to be Aware Of
As we all embark on 2022, there are several noteworthy topics to consider as you...
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Fitting CRN Registrations
Fitting CRN Registrations
In Fitting CRN Registrations, any fitting that is part of a pressure piping system...
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CRN Reconciliation vs Harmonization
CRN harmonization vs CRN reconciliation. Are they different? Reconciliation has been...
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Generic Designs Revisited
The truth is, fewer CRNs are better in many ways.   With fewer CRNs, it’s easier...
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Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) & Design Pressure
Revisiting Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) and Design Pressure (DP) Contrary...
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ASME B31.3 is different than API 6A. FInd out how with Cameron Sterling from Cammar.
API 6A Is Not The Same as ASME B31
API 6A and ASME B31.3 Chapter IX High Pressure Piping Components are NOT the Same....
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chain image
Valid CRN Number Lookup Database & CRN Number Registration Directory Info
Valid CRN number lookup database and CRN registration directory information: To ensure...
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CRN Validity
Carefree CRN Validity? Is the CRN Number Legit?
“It’s registered they said.  Here’s the proof they said.” Really. Ok, so what can...
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Pressure Gauge Measurement
CRNs, Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) and Design Pressure
Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) are issued by regulators before pressure equipment...
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ASME Code Changes
Lookout For Anticipated 2019 ASME Code Changes
As the year progresses and new codes are published, there are a few things to keep...
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CRN number registration
CRN Number Registration: Essential No. 1 Step
We continue to rapidly explain what is needed to properly design pressure equipment...
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CRN registration
CRN Number Registration Problems, Pitfalls, and the Dreaded Loop of Despair
From my years worked at ABSA as a Safety Codes Officer, together with my engineering...
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Canada Map
Is a CRN Number Required? When and Why.
Well, hopefully this won’t sound repetitive, but CRN registration is required unless...
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Alarm Clock
When Should I Apply For a CRN? And Why.
When should a CRN application be made?  This is a common question. After all, knowing...
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Answer Key
Responsibility for CRN Numbers and Safety
In this space, some questions posed by customers and industry are published in case...
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Answer Key
Bleed Ring Design Responsibility Q&A
In this space, some questions posed by customers and industry are published in case...
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Generic CRN Registration Cammar Corporation
Generic CRN Registration
It makes the most sense to include as many options as possible in a generic CRN registration...
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Answer Key
CRN Renewal Q&A
In this space, some questions posed by customers and industry are published in case...
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Answer Key
Harmonizing CRN Process Benefits Q&A
In this space, some questions posed by customers and industry are published in case...
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Canadian Registration Number
Cammar Corporation Discusses Selected CRN Issues: Part 1
Recently, Cammar Corporation was asked to deliver a presentation to pressure equipment...
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Cammar Corporation Harmonized CRN Registration and Public Safety
Harmonized CRN Registration and Public Safety
Have you ever tried to sing along with the radio? Sometimes, harmony just doesn’t...
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British Columba Oil and Gas Facilities Cammar Corporation
British Columbia Oil and Gas Facilities; What is Going On
As of November 7, 2016, BC effected some changes to its safety legislation.  From...
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CRN Requirements
ASME B31.3 vs ASME B31.1: Are CRN Registration Requirements the Same?
Cammar Corp was recently asked, “If a fitting has a CRN registration with ASME B31.3...
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Calculate CRN
CRN Number Acquisition Help
“…unless pressure equipment is exempt from legislation, it needs to be properly registered...
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CRN Exemptions
When CRN Numbers Are Not Required: CRN Exemptions
In the previous two articles of this series, we discussed what a CRN (Canadian Registration...
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Are CRN Numbers Required?
Are CRN Numbers Needed
“…more than 50% of 10,000 applications for registration in 2014 were deficient…”...
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CRN Numbers
What is a CRN Number?
“One Canadian Registration Number (CRN Number) can represent millions of individual...
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Pressure Equipment
What is Pressure Equipment in Canada?
Canadian jurisdictions have enacted laws to protect the public where there is danger. ...
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