Cammar Corporation Background & History

Cammar Corporation is the combination of experiences extending back to 1989 when its founder, Cameron Sterling, first began his engineering career immediately following graduation from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Mr. Sterling was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, and learned throughout his upbringing values that were instilled into him at an early age including honesty, uncompromising quality, thoroughness, direct but sensitive communicative techniques, and polite but unyielding perseverance.  The path to the present company has been quite a journey to date, and the journey has but just begun.

Experience in project management and field work gave Mr. Sterling his first taste of pressure equipment engineering when he was exposed to projects involving boiler component replacements, other piping and chemical tank replacements while a mechanical engineer at a somewhat remote thermal power generation station in Alberta.

While continuing his education at the U of A pursuant to obtaining a MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1996, Cameron developed his softer skills in relation to marketing and writing, while completing his thesis relating to energy efficient technology used today to achieve energy savings in Albertan industry.

Shortly thereafter, he became involved in forensic engineering, and from the investigation of serious losses to life, property and related litigation, came to directly understand the importance of safety and the frailties of human nature.  He testified as an expert witness on four separate occasions in the Provincial Court of Alberta and an additional four occasions in the Court of Queen’s Bench, thereby developing his ability to effectively convey highly technical subjects to interested non-technical decision makers.  Proper resolutions of contentious civil and criminal matters resulted.

But he was more interested in engineering that resulted in the tangible, inarguably objective and physical results associated with the visible expressions of his work and, noting the abundant natural resources in Alberta, chose to work at some relatively large engineering, procurement and construction companies that were involved with the petrochemical industry.

Though Mr. Sterling quickly grasps the large overall perspective, he can drill down to learn all the details associated with any particular topic of interest and so, when an opportunity to join ABSA (the pressure equipment regulatory authority in Alberta) as a Safety Codes Officer arose, he leaped at the chance.  As a result, he further enhanced and acquired proficiently detailed knowledge of pressure equipment design rules including ASME codes, referenced standards, related statutes, and regulations. Significant and detailed experience was gained in a variety and wide range of industries, including petro-chemicals, chemical processing manufacturing, oil and gas, SAGD emulsion pipelines, pulp and paper, refrigeration, steam generation and utility, etc – all of which use pressure equipment.

Eager to apply this knowledge to assist industry, Mr. Sterling directed Cammar to start offering independent pressure equipment engineering services to industry in 2015.  He is also actively involved with his professional engineering association as a volunteer, offering advice and recommendations when requested.

As a result, the Corporation has a solid foundation based on honesty, service, unyielding perseverance of quality and safety, proficient regulatory and technical expertise, thoroughness and practical experience.

Cammar Corporation’s goal and vision is to optimize pressure equipment commerce in Canada, while enhancing public safety for all.

Cammar Corporation Certifications & Associations

Permit to Practice
    APEGA, Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscientists of Alberta
Certificate of Authorization

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