What is B31.3?

B31.3 is the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) code for process piping. This code outlines the requirements for materials, design, fabrication, assembly and erection of piping systems. The proper examination, inspection, and testing of piping is also covered by B31.3. The piping systems governed by this code include those that contain fluids. Typically, these piping systems are found in:

  • • Petroleum refineries
  • • Chemical plants - applies to the piping of raw, intermediate, and finished chemicals
  • • Pharmaceutical plants
  • • Textile plants
  • • Paper plants
  • • Semiconductor plans
  • • Cryogenic plants
  • • Processing plants, etc.
ASME B31.3 is used in conjunction with ASME B31.1, and other B31 codes, to ensure the safety of piping systems. Adhering to these codes also helps the system to meet government regulations and receive a CRN.