How do I get a CRN number?

Though you can apply to get a CRN number by documenting your CRN design and submitting the appropriate application forms to the regulator in the province or territory where the equipment will be used, regulators can simply reject your CRN design registration application if they are not satisfied that the design meets the requirements of the jurisdictional regulations, adopted codes, and referenced standards. And, ... though regulators must tell you why a design doesn't meet their requirements, they cannot tell you how to fix a deficient CRN design, since that would put them in a conflicted position.  Afterall, they can't properly accept a CRN design that incorporates their own advice.  Though regulators control the CRN registration process, they are not supposed to be, and cannot be, owners. Each province and territory has rules in its jurisdiction, which must be met.  If some jurisdictions have tougher requirements than others, it's thereby best to apply to the toughest jurisdiction first.  For more about how and why to get a CRN, read this. Alternatively, CAMMAR can assist you directly pursuant to getting a CRN. registration.