CRN (Canadian Registration Number) number

In the previous two articles of this series, we discussed what a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) number is, and why they’re necessary.  In this article, we’re going to start talking about instances when pressure equipment does not need a CRN, and about how this is important to consider.

In Canada, except for federal facilities, pressure equipment safety is governed by provincial or territorial (jurisdictional) legislation.  And despite the separation between provincial and federal responsibilities, arrangements exist that allow federal equipment to meet jurisdictional crn number requirements. Read more

Are CRN Numbers Required?

Are CRN Numbers Needed

“…more than 50% of 10,000
applications for registration in
2014 were deficient…”
“…it’s unclear
how new programs,
without a proactive
third party detailed examination
of each design,
can remedy this statistic.”

This is the second article in the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) series. The first article, “CRN: What’s in a Number”, outlined CRN numbers, the types of equipment they’re assigned to, and who assigns them. Design acceptance as historically depended on regulators’ proactive detailed design review of each design. So now, we’re tackling a question that naturally follows:

Is CRN number certification /registration needed?

Opinions and answers depend on perspective, but public safety should always be of paramount significance! Here’s Cammar Corporation’s view on some answers:

Some applicants answer ‘no’!

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