When CRN Numbers Are Not Required: CRN Exemptions

CRN Exemptions

In the previous two articles of this series, we discussed what a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) number is, and why they’re necessary.  In this article, we’re going to start talking about CRN exemptions: instances when pressure equipment does not need a CRN, and about how this is important to consider. In Canada, except for federal […]

Are CRN Numbers Needed

Are CRN Numbers Required?

“…more than 50% of 10,000 applications for registration in 2014 were deficient…” “…it’s unclear how new programs, without a proactive third party detailed examination of each design, can remedy this statistic.” This is the second article in the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) series. The first article, “CRN: What’s in a Number”, outlined CRN numbers, the […]