CRN Numbers

What is a CRN Number?

Canadian Registration Number
(CRN Number)
can represent
of individual items…”

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN numbers) identify unique pressure equipment designs for use in Canada, and must meet requirements.  Each design concept has a unique number.  One Canadian Registration Number can represent millions of individual items, each with a different serial number, that all conform to the CRN design.
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Pressure Equipment

What is Pressure Equipment in Canada?

Canadian jurisdictions have enacted laws to protect the public where there is danger.  And pressure equipment is potentially extremely dangerous.  Even a small air receiver, with an internal pressure of just 230 psig, has the explosive energy of about 1 lb of dynamite.  It’s defined somewhat differently across Canada, but Alberta has some pressure equipment definitions that are good benchmarks to consider The most common types of pressure equipment are classified as:

  • boilers,
  • pressure vessels,
  • pressure fittings, and
  • pressure piping systems.

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