Top CRN Registration Changes in 2022 to be Aware Of – Updated

The Top CRN Registration Changes following notes enlarge upon CAMMAR’s article from February of this year about CRN regulatory requirements ,and can be appended to it. In late May, significant input about CRN registration was published by APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta), the Alberta engineering regulator, here.  As noted in APEGA’s website publication, “the […]

Is The CRN Valid and Legit?

CRN Number

“It’s registered they said.  Here’s the proof they said.” Really. Ok, so what can you believe? As an end user of pressure equipment (valves, flanges, fittings, instrumentation, vessels, boilers, thermal liquid heaters, etc), you are responsible for its safe operation in accordance with all applicable ASME codes, standards, and jurisdictional regulations.  This means that you […]

CRNs, Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) and Design Pressure

Pressure Gauge Measurement

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) are issued by regulators before pressure equipment is sold or used in Canada. Though there are exceptions, CRN registration is generally needed for pressure equipment that contains expansible fluids at pressures greater than 15 psig. Expansible fluids include vapors, gases, and fluids that expand to a gas or vapor when exposed to […]

Lookout For Anticipated 2019 ASME Code Changes

ASME Code Changes

As the year progresses and new codes are published, there are a few things to keep a lookout for, particularly with respect to material property requirements. Two materials are of particular interest, and are reportedly likely to change with the 2019 edition of ASME Section VIII-1. The potential ramifications of these changes on pressure equipment […]

To Design Pressure Equipment and Get a CRN; The First Step

yellow boots on the road

We continue to rapidly explain what is needed to properly design pressure equipment (vessels, boilers, fittings, piping systems) to get CRN registration. Many designs proposed to us are deficient for the same obvious reason and consequences that stem from it. Surprisingly enough, even established and accredited pressure equipment manufacturers sometimes don’t even know the first […]

Cammar Corporation Discusses Selected CRN Issues: Part 1

Canadian Registration Number

Recently, Cammar Corporation was asked to deliver a presentation to pressure equipment industry professionals in Drayton Valley, Alberta, about Canadian Registration Number (CRN) topics of interest. Check out the video below for a brief introduction to some of the CRN issues that were presented. If the content of the above video is something that would […]