Cammar Corporation Testimonials & Endorsements

Confidentiality is extremely important to us! Cammar Corporation clients often want to approach regulators directly for CRN registration with our assistance in the background, and some people prefer to remain anonymous.However, others are willing to comment about Cammar Corporation’s staff.

I have known Mr. Sterling for over six years while he worked for ABSA in Edmonton. I consider Cameron to be very knowledgeable in pressure equipment including vessels and piping and would always review my design submissions promptly and accurately. If any corrections were required, his explanations were always fair and thorough. I would highly recommend Cameron for his work ethic and professional approach.

Cameron was a colleague of mine at ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority, in Edmonton, Alberta. During my tenure at ABSA Cameron worked as a senior design survey engineer.

In all of my professional interactions with Cameron, he demonstrated superior knowledge of pressure equipment design and application with respect to conformance to all applicable safety codes and safety regulations as well as to sound engineering principles and recognized good engineering practices.

I wholly recommend Cameron for any work or project related to pressure equipment design, application and safety.

Cameron’s in depth knowledge of ASME BPVC, ABSA, and the Canadian Registration System for pressure vessels helped me to get a CRN for a design without the need for resubmittal. His experience and direction saved time and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get pressure equipment registered for use in Canadian markets.